We are a conservative Mennonite church in the Anabaptist faith tradition. We are part of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance. Most importantly, we are Christians, followers of Jesus.

If you are not familiar with conservative Mennonites, some of the things we do and some of the ways we dress may seem strange to you. It is not our intention to be strange, we just want to follow Jesus as He has revealed Himself to us in Scripture. We respect those who live out their faith in ways that differ from ours, and want to learn from them. We don't have life all figured out, we don't have all the answers.

While we may look and act a little different than you, if you take time to get to know us you'll find that we are very much like you, facing many of the same life challenges and struggles that you face.

Please don't let the fact that we are a little different than you keep you from stopping in occasionally or often. We would love to have you visit!